Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer so far!!

There is to much to blog about!! We have missed Jon like crazy this summer but nothing beats the Boise weather this time of the year! Not to mention the love we get from Grandma and Grandpa!

We started out on the long trip by heading to utah and staying with Kevin and Kathy for a few days! It was so nice!!


We arrived in Boise and we felt the Grandpa love immediately with big hugs and story time! I love my dad!!

Then we headed to Lindsey's who's neighbor has Gulio sized horses! (Miniature) They were adorable!!

With swimming almost all day between each excursion the kids are never bored! Max and Vann join us nearly everyday!! The kids love it!!

A few days later we went on a hike with aunt Shawnacy! Tyler struggled a bit so we turned around early but the rest of the kiddos had a blast. Minus the 10 times Tanner fell and scraped his hands and knees. But in the end he was still smiling!

We hit up a skate park by the river as well ! I wish I could post video from the phone but this is the only picture I have! The kids would use the sides a a slide to get into the pit then they would try to run up the side and grab the edge which usually resulted in missing the side and sliding back down. I think they got it by the end!! 

This is Kennedy and Kage at the park!! They had a blast playing with the kiddos! I love them :-)

Yesterday we went to the Old Penitentary! A little morbid and left me feeling queezy at times but pretty interesting! The kids enjoyed it. I don't think they had some of the images racing through their minds that I did as we looked into the "drop room" where they cleaned the body after a hanging. They remember more of the dress up and pretty roses in the yards! I love their innocence!!

Here they are in a cell!!

Awesome summer so far but sill 5 more weeks to go!! The kids are so fun this year and my back is so much better than last! Loving this summer so far!!!

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Merrimom said...

I am so glad you are having a good time & feeling good too. The pictures are great!