Saturday, November 1, 2014

Catching Up again!

Testing out the new camera. Pretty easy to think the camera is amazing when you get a smile like this from your little boys!

Soccer has begun for the girls! Brooklyn loves every second of it, Allie not so much! Her first came she walked off the field in about 30 seconds and through her tears said, "Them girls are called the tornadoes and them big and mean." In her defense they were big and mean. It took her about 15 min. to get back out there but she would not go near the players. I hope she will one day enjoy it because she really does have some skill.

Our first family dinner at Burger King after the girls first game night!

Our first night of cool weather! Enjoying S'mores by the fire. One of our favorite things through the holidays!

I am loving this stage with the kiddos! We play baseball as a family pretty frequently these days and the kids are so much fun. They are really starting to understand the game!

Allies first lost tooth!!!

The Girls Halloween Party!

Daddy took the boys to uncle Dons so we partied hard with all their friends all night. 

Beautiful Harper Ann Kirkland!! Jessica made me an aunt again. This baby is absolute perfection! She is beautiful and I love her parents more than I can say. She is such a blessed little girl to have such an amazing family!


Favorite story of the day:
Tyler and Tanner come down dressed in their costume. I see Tyler looking at Tanner and then trying to look at himself back to Tanner very deep in thought. he then looks up and says, "Oh I det it!, Tanner is Luigi before duh mushroom, and I am Luigi after duh mushroom." That boy makes me smile!

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